study abroad 500 word essay on going abroad

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Write a 500-word personal statement that describes your objectives for your time overseas, aspects of your personal experience that have prepared you to live and study in a foreign country, and ways in which the program content relates to your present and future academic and career goals.


-personal growth(I wanted to do this for a while and find it interesting to go to another country to learn, to be outside my comfort zone)

-heritage exploration(being an indian even attracts me more to this program because I want to learn more about my motherland and explore my heritage)

-I want to see how the way of life is on the other side of the world, I want to interact with different people from different cultures, want to know more about what life is like there.

-I feel I will fit into the society there because I do know basic hindi so that will help me communicate with the locals

-For the present, I want to learn and be taught from a different perspective being on the other side of the world and also want to fulfill some of my requirements from my home university. I hope to be able to use this experience to my advantage during my future career regardless where it leads me.

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