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After reading Part I of Goethe’s Faust, and considering all his words and deeds (or lack thereof), would you forgive him for the choices he has made? Why or why not?

You must use at least 2 resources form the pictures (if you need any pages, just let me know, I will take a photo for you) and one for student.

Each analysis will be at least 600 words in length, written outside of class and turned in on the due date specified. Written essays must conform to M.L.A. guidelines (i.e. double-spaced, proper citation of work referenced, etc.). Each essay must contain a minimum of 2 direct quotations from the work under study and at least one explicit reference to material from a relevant in-class presentation (one given by a classmate; you cannot reference your own presentation). Any material from outside sources is strictly prohibited.

Here is the book contents (the book is what you need minimum of 2 direct quotations)

The student reference is these two videos:

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