millennials researching a single story narrative

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a) Conduct research to find three sound sources related to the group- Millennials

The sources should shed light on –

– A single story or narrative about the group you’ve chosen (Millennials).

– What you and your readers need to know to have a more accurate understanding about this group.

b) Use the CRAAP TEST to choose your sources and to evaluate them.

c) Summarize each source using –

– the Summary techiques we’ve learned

– accurate MLA formatting and in-text citation

– proper embedding of quotations, paraphrases, and summary information

d) Comment on each source by responding to the following questions:

        1. What group are you focused on and what is a common single story or narrative about this group?
        2. How does this source relate to the group you’re focused on?
          • What does it tell us about the single story or narrative related to the group you’ve chosen?
          • How does it help us have a more (or less) accurate understanding of this group?
        3. How did you determine if this source is sound?
          • What did you look for to determine its credibility? (Refer to elements of the CRAAP Test in your response.

          The B Contract will be fulfilled if –

          • Three sources are summarized as described in McLeod’s video ,
          • including the following elements –
            • the author and title, stated the first sentence
            • the main claim of the source
            • the key contributing points that support the author’s main point (without unnecessary detail)
              • Summaries should not include the writer’s own judgment or opinion.
          • The summaries include –
            • properly formatted and punctuated titles
            • properly embedded source information
            • properly formatted MLA in-text citations in each summary
          • Reflection questions are responded to in reasonable detail.
          • Summaries and reflections are written in a way that is clear to an audience that hasn’t read these sources

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