14 coastal evolution reflective questions

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Quiz Instructions

Your essay answer should be clear and succinct, amounting to perhaps 3-5 sentences totaling 50 to 80 words; longer essays are strongly discouraged. It is recommended that you prepare your answer in a separate document from which you copy it into Canvas.

Question 1 5 pts

What three factors play a significant role in controlling the shape and configuration of deltas and what effect does each have when it dominates?

A strong answer will explain the three influential factors that affect the shape of deltas at the mouth of major rivers, describing named examples that exemplify the dominance of each of the three characteristics and why they are representative.

Question 2 5 pts

For each of the images (A to E) of coastlines captured from Google Earth select the description that best represents the specific coastal feature or engineering modification, and the direction of sand movement resulting from longshore drift evident in the image where appropriate. The ocean is at the bottom of each image.

Image AImage B
Image C
Image D
Image E

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