two pages essay about brand cult double space

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Brand Cult Assignment

How can a QSR, (or a C-Store, or a Supermarket, or any retail outlet selling food that can readily be eaten while driving a car) develop a “cult “ following?

Use the four pieces of advice outlined by the SoulCycle, Drybar, and Casper executives in the Fast Company as a foundation for your strategic thinking.Remember that all four must support the overall strategy of established brand concept as a “cult” in the lives of consumers on the go.

Again, there are no right or wrong answers.Criteria for this assignment is based on:

  • Length – 2- pages
  • Use 2 line spacing
  • Pages numbered.
  • Rationale based on inductive or deductive reasoning process.In other words, does your cult strategy make sense based on support/research.
  • Innovation of the recommendation/strategy will strengthen the efforts to create that cult emotion. This is definitely to be an out-of-the-box assignment.
  • Remember not to just look at what other QSRs, etc. are doing.Look outside the hospitality or food sector for innovative ideas that can be adapted for dashboard dining,
  • Proper grammar and spelling (with no typos).
  • Organization of the paper (flow, clarity, common sense)
  • Cite resources used.

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