the manager s challenge in the organization 1

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There are two parts to this: Please see below

Part 1. – The different perspectives of the leaders and managers in the organizations presented in your readings are not too far apart. Compare and contrast the 2 perspectives of leadership that were presented in your assigned readings (The two perspectives of leadership addressed in this week’s reading were: 1) attitudes and 2) behaviors). For this discussion, select 1 idea from the assigned reading that stood out for you.

Focus your discussion on the following:

  • What was the idea?
  • How does it connect to your organizational awareness?
  • What are the implications for how you manage, or for how you have seen others deal with this issue?

M.U.S.E My Unique Student Experience (retrieved 11 March 2019)

Simplilearn (retrieved 11 March 2019)

400-600 words

Part. 2 – This Discussion Board focuses on organizations and the work that managers do to facilitate effective organizational life in an environment where people are quite mature in many ways.

Drawing comparisons between the topics in the assigned reading and your chosen chapter, focus your discussion on the following:

  • What is the challenge that managers face in dealing with the incongruence between the needs of mature individuals and an organization that often treats its employees as being immature and needing a lot of structure and rules?
  • To what extent should the formal organization impose itself upon the needs of its mature employees?

Be sure to include the following:

  • Comparisons between your chosen chapter and the assigned reading for this unit

400-600 words

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