• Paper length:8 page minimum, 12 page maximum; 12 point font—double-spaced
  • Paper sections
  • Due date: Turn in the paper with your completed Extra Credit Activities Summary document in the final week of class, by the deadline noted in the classroom.
  • Title Page, including: (1) paper title, (2) course number and name, (3) instructor, (4) your name, and (5) date submitted
  • Executive Summary: This is a 1-2 paragraph overall summary of your paper.
  • Discussion and analysis: Cover all the individual topic areas set out above, each of which should be labeled with an appropriate subject heading.
  • Works Cited: List all secondary sources consulted in preparing this paper.
  • Attachments (if any). You may append any relevant attachment to the paper, and you should refer to these attachments in the body of your paper


Corporate culture is a great influence on the conduct of a business and its members. This is particularly true of matters presenting ethics or compliance issues. Many commentators on business ethics and compliance have discussed the crucial nature of corporate culture on the ethical climate of businesses

  • What is corporate culture? What are the key influences that create it?
  • How does corporate culture affect an organization’s ethical climate? Provide examples.
  • How can an organization foster a corporate culture of ethics and compliance?
  • How can an organization change its corporate culture, if the current culture is not one that fosters ethical behavior?
  • How should an organization’s management act in order to demonstrate ethical leadership in the organization?

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