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Final essay-email: Follow-up decision making process (150 points)

In the last two week’s assignments, you focused on the decision(s) that were made in either the Netflix or Salesforce cases. When any such big project is undertaken, the decision made and the research and analysis will have brought up new business questions and decisions to be made. For your final essay, you’ll imagine one of the follow up decisions that could have followed your case and use what you’ve learned in the course to write a plan for a data-driven decision making process about it. You will choose what the follow-up question is, e.g. a question in the implementation process of the decision made or a new but related project.

Scenario: The research and analysis have brought up other business questions. Your boss was so impressed with your work they have asked you to lead the project researching one of those follow up questions. Write an email describing your proposed project plan to your boss. Include:

  • Objective
  • Data to be used/collected
  • Analyses to be used
  • Discussion of likely resulting decisions depending on the results of analysis

Other requirements:

  • Use in line citations where appropriate
  • Include a reference list/bibliography
  • Minimum 2 references (including book and case study)
  • Minimum 500 words

example is below,

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