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Any company, regardless of size, product or service, is one to which you can apply the principles

of operational excellence. The basis for this paper will be either a factual case from your own

work experience or a published case. For this paper, you will describe the situation in the case

and then apply appropriate principles of operations strategy (Ch. 3) and product and service

innovation (Ch. 4). The case should be treated as a problem presented to you by your

company’s top management for analysis and a recommended course of action. In the paper,

you will discuss and make a recommendation for improvement in the operations of the

company based on the concepts you learned in chapters three and four.

Your paper should be at minimum 8 double-spaced paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain at minimum 4 sentences. Your paper will include the following.

Paragraph 1: Company Overview

Paragraph 2: Situation/Problem

Paragraphs 3-5: Recommendations from Ch. 3: Operations Strategy

Paragraphs 6-8: Recommendations from Ch. 4: Product & Service Innovation

References must be formatted in APA

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