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Technology can be a powerful weapon on the battlefield of economic enterprise. (Frohman, 1982). Each and every organization in the market is trying to enhance its technology. Employees are surrounded by technology in the organization. They are also forced to learn new technologies and processes in order to sustain in this challenging environment. Employees are so dependent on technology that their work will come to a halt if there is no technology. Employees are hence well versed with the skills they need to work in the organization. Technology also increases productivity. Technology can help with tools that help employees to complete their tasks with much less effort and time.
The security of company information can be severely compromised without the implementation of proper channels of technology and software. A company should implement innovative technology as a safe haven against such breaches of security. Stealing critical and important information was easy in the past, but now with the use of technology, the threat of data thefts and leaks is nearly impossible. (Araujo, 2019)
This modern technology comes with a risk of security. Technology should be handled very carefully. One mistake by an employee can case a serious security breach which can lead to loss of customer or financial data. Hackers can trick employees with Phishing emails or malware attack. Government regulations have also increased in healthcare, finance, and other sectors. There are various cybersecurity guidelines such as HIPPA and PCI that organizations must follow.
By training the employees in these areas, organizations will be at less risk of cyber attacks. Employees and the customers will be more confident with the training and also organizations will save a big buck which they would have to spend in case of a breach or a cyber attack.


When it comes to data security, many businesses tend to think of things like locks, firewalls, and the latest technology to protect their sensitive data. But they often overlook their biggest vulnerability:employees.
Now, I’m not saying employees are bad; they’re just human, and humans make mistakes. Unfortunately, many hackers will take advantage of human error to gain access to your data. You need to spend just as much time and money on your employees as you do on secure technology.

Many data breaches happen as a result of a well-meaning employee doing something to make your business vulnerable, whether it’s clicking on a phishing email that downloads malware, giving out sensitive information to someone they shouldn’t, or not being diligent in protecting their passwords. Most of these cases aren’t even intentional or malicious.

Your security policies are useless if your employees aren’t aware of them. For example, you may have a policy on what to do if you suspect a data breach. But if your employees aren’t trained in what they should do in that situation, they will likely make an error or waste time in reporting it to the right people, potentially causing your business more damage.

Another problem is social engineering, which is rapidly becoming a big threat against businesses of all types and sizes. The problem with social engineering is that it targets your employees specifically. If your employees aren’t trained to recognize social engineering tactics, you could be vulnerable to a data breach.

Finally, you and your employees should care about data security and maintaining compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and other industry data security standards. You need to instill a sense of urgency in your employees when it comes to data security. Sometimes they’re all that stands between your business and a damaging data breach.


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