The draft should meet the 1500-word minimum requirement, which is approximately 6 pages double-spaced, but please use the word count feature of your word processing program to ensure that you have met this minimum requirement. Drafts should carefully cite (in-text citations or footnotes) all sources that were used in writing the draft.

At the top of the first page, please include a brief 150 abstract or executive summary of your project. Please then label the following components and address each thoughtfully with evidence in draft form.

  • Executive Summary
  • Statement of the Issue/Problem
  • Origin/History of the Problem and Current Context
  • Critique of Policy Options
  • Preliminary Policy Recommendation (It’s understood that these will be in draft form, but the more developed they are, they paper feedback you’ll receive.)
  • Bibliography – 10 high quality sources minimum (A minimum of 3 of these must be peer-reviewed sources, the remainder may be authoritative reports, legislation, court cases, etc. Although you are highly encouraged to use news sources, these should not be included in the 10 source minimum.) Please include full bibliographic information using a recognized academic style, preferably Chicago and include in-text citations or footnotes as necessary.

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