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Maximizing Community Involvement

Instructor Wrote:
In reviewing “Community Involvement: The Ultimate Force Multiplier,” thoroughly discuss and explain three areas where community involvement has been identified as the key to the success of the department or agency. In your opinion, what is the key component in securing the desired level of commitment from the community? Why?  

Nice job with your posting!  In San Diego, we have experience with Citizens on Patrol, a group of citizens that conduct “patrols” and report different types of suspicious activity.  They go out and check various problem areas and report activity to the police over the phone.  Because they are separate from the police department, there are no protections provided to participants.  What concerns do you see regarding this type of involvement with community policing?  What are your thoughts regarding concerns about overzealous community involvement?
Just the questions need answered thanks please list references

Gaylord, A. (2008, April). Community Involvement: The Ultimate Force Multiplier. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 77(4), 16-17. 

Oliver, W.  (2008). Community-Oriented Policing: A Systematic Approach to Policing (4th Ed.). New Jersey:  Pearson Education, Inc.  

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