introduction for lab report

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I just need an introduction part for this lab report I have uploaded everything you will may need:

1. INTRODUCTIONThis report was prepared in partial fulfillment of the laboratory requirements for CEE 351, Geotechnical Engineering, at Arizona State University in the Spring Semester of 2099. The work described in this report was conducted by Group MB3 of the CEE 351 laboratory section. The members of this group include James Smith, Kevin Jones1, and Samantha Adams2. The laboratory tests described in this report were conducted on 31 December 2099 in the Arizona State University Geotechnical Laboratory. Subsequent analysis of the data was conducted during the period between 1 January 2099 and 31 December 2100. The soil used in this testing program was provided by Mr. Karl Terzaghi, the Teaching Assistant3 for the course.The objective of the laboratory tests described herein was to classify the soil in accordance with ASTM and the Unified Soil Classification System (Coduto et al., 2011)4. To achieve this objective, it was necessary to evaluate the Liquid and Plastic Limits of the soil in accordance with ASTM D4318.The soil tested in this lab was contained in a 5 gallon container labeled “Dirt for CEE 351 lab”. A bulk sample of approximately 0.5 kg was removed from the container with a metal scoop for testing purposes. The soil was visually classified in accordance with ASTM D2488 as a moist, light brown, low plasticity clayey silt with a trace of fine sand, a low dry strength, and low toughness.

1. Introduction: Who prepared the report (e.g. Group 3 of the Fall 2017 CEE 351 Monday lab section); what the objective is (e.g. “to classify the three soils provided by the TA in accordance with the Unified Soil Classification System”); what soil was used in the testing (i.e. a visual description of the test soil that is as detailed as possible) and where did it come from (e.g. it was provided by the TA).

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