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Prior to turning in your final draft, please print out a copy of the 6+1 Writing Traits rubric (attached). Use this rubric to polish your paper.

When you are turning in a final draft, you should look at it critically. Make sure there are no obvious spelling or grammatical errors.

Read your final draft out loud. You may hear many errors that you may overlook if you are skimming your paper. Again, you might consider enlisting the help of a friend to help you listen for awkward sentences which need a little smoothing out.

Students overlook the revising and polishing steps of writing too much of the time. An extra hour set aside to smooth out your writing and refine your ideas will be reflected in a better piece of writing and a higher grade. You should consider revision to be a part of the overall writing process.

After you have revised your paper, send the final draft (which contains the big ideas and the details) to your teacher. Papers which do not reflect any effort at revision will be returned ungraded. This is a revision assignment and your paper does need to reflect careful attention to the final details. When you are satisfied that you have completed all steps of the extrication and have carefully proofed and edited your paper, please submit the assignment.

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