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Your course has presented both theory and application materials through videoshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ubRzzirRKs&feature=emb_logo, literature research(Apply Drucker’s views and principles of leadership to a work environment.), and discussion sessions with your peers and your professor. Describe (in no less than 200 words), how the process of working on the case study with your team relates to at least one topic from the course’s content.

First Post:

  • Respond to the question thoroughly. This is a formal assignment with a minimum of 200-250 words.
  • It should include at least one reference from relevant peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books found within the online LIRN library or other reputable sources.
  • These must be properly cited in APA format. Remember you can also use your textbook.
  • See your Course Summary for due dates.

Second and Third Posts:

  • Reply to at least two classmates’ posts. Your response to your classmate’s discussion needs to be substantive, meaning it should add something new to the original comment, including a level of depth that enriches the discussion (i.e. reflecting on their response, applying their comment to the workplace, the literature, etc.).
  • Your professor will reply to student posts and may also ask questions of the student/s, please be vigilant and address his or her concerns by replying back to your professor’s comment to your post to acknowledge understanding.
  • See your Course Summary for due dates.


This semester, we worked on the SJCM case study to figure out what it takes to build a successful succession plan, and to foster a strong community. We take this not only as a chance to evaluate SJCM’ organizational situation but also as an opportunity to analyze the healthiness of the overall group. Our research on this case study started numerous research and follow-up questions. Throughout the process, we figured that Lewi’s three-stage model could help our client to evaluate the current challenge, brainstorm ideas for improvement, and also to keep track of the metrics that ultimately drive performance. Furthermore, we learned about the importance of using strategic narratives and communications skills to shape the target audience’s attitude and value for a behavior change either short term or long term (Crannell and Sheppard, 2011.) Our values and beliefs are determined and impacted by the information we perceived. Therefore, Lewi’s three-stage model would play an important role, especially during challenge situations. In my own experience, if a leader were able to use a collection of compelling stories to justify what they are saying… it’d be much easier for me to buy-in on what he or she says.


Crannell, M., & Sheppard, B. (2011). Preparing to lead with a compelling narrative: If you don’t frame the narrative, someone else will. Strategic Studies Quarterly, 5(3), 11-21


The case study of Mayor Landrieu allowed me to better understand the importance of communication for leaders. This is not only about expressing what is on the leader’s mind and what he or she wants to accomplish. In order to achieve the objectives of the leader, it is very important to learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently. Analyzing his or her audience is a good place to start because matching demand and supply enables the content of the communication to be understood. Moreover, starting a conversation or speech with soft opening is beneficial to invite the audience to keep an open mind to the content without becoming offensive. Making connections to the audience is very helpful in terms of allowing the content to be delivered at expectation because the audience can feel it relevant to them. This can be further improved by addressing to individuals rather than the audience group as a whole. In addition, I learned that followers generally value communication as well as the communication style including level of directness and tone of voice that is considered desirable is highly culture specific. Mayor Landrieu did an outstanding job in terms of understanding their positions and choosing the appropriate communication style which was expected to be effective.


Nahavandi, A. (2015). The art and science of leadership. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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