stuxnet worm amp control systems security

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Review the NIST Guide to Industrial Control Systems Security. NIST Special Publication (800-82) (Links to an external site.). Specifically review section 6.2, which covers the application of security controls for ICS’s. Select one of the case studies ( you can use the executive case study you answered on Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant) already covered in the course and write a short (no more than 1 page) recommendation on security controls that if implemented would have served to mitigate the incident (i.e. case-study selected).


Research the Stuxnet Worm. Create a multimedia presentation that describes what the Stuxnet worm is, how it applies to SCADA, what components, if any, are affected by the worm, and other details you feel are necessary in keeping security practitioners aware of threats to SCADA systems. Multimedia presentation requirements are attached.



  1. Multimedia PowerPoint Presentation, 5 to 6 slides in length (Introduction and reference slide do not count)
  2. Topic must deal with security awareness within a SCADA system. Create your presentation by developing one theme at a time or by combining a number of themes or messages into this presentation.
  3. Regardless of the approach taken, the amount of information should not overwhelm the audience. Brief mention of the problem(s) impacts of the threat, assessment of overall situation and actions to be taken to prevent or mitigate future occurrences.
  4. Each presentation should be approximately 5 minutes in length.
  5. Be creative!

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