people and organization 1

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The project requirement:

To write almost 6000 words case study about flexible working hours in organization.

The project aims Listed below:

1. Critically analyse key theoretical approaches to the management of change with reference to structure, culture, conflict and managing self.

2. Critically examine organisational behaviour in a variety of contexts and develop discussion based on complex scenarios and the changing external environment

3. Develop, explore and critique human resource management approaches in these contexts with reference to contemporary theory and an understanding of current practice

A conceptual understanding of the core theories in understanding people and their role in organisations.

Format to follow


Kindly use a 12pitch font, with double line spaced.

1. A brief introduction to report and a section providing background for organisation (approx. 500 words).

1a. External Environment

A critical analysis of the changing external environment in which the organisation competes (approx. 750 words).

2. Organisation Structure and Culture

Organisation structure and culture and their impacts upon behaviour at different levels within the company (approx. 1250 words).

3. Models of Change Management

Models of change management and their practical implementation in the workplace (approx. 1000 words).

4. Impact of Change

The impact of change upon staff at different levels within the organisation – including resistance to change, barriers to change, managing conflict and managing self (approx. 1250 words).

5. Academic Reflection

An academic reflection upon this change process, incorporating recommendations for human resource management approaches, policy and practice which will enable future organisational change programmes to contribute more effectively to high performance work, organisational strategy and employee engagement (approx. 1250 words).

5a. Recommendations for future change programmes

6. A further demonstrate on a wide range of academic reading, beyond the module content.

Example: to find similar organisation have been make same change of what you made or familiar case study, and you feel that can adapts there behaves.

And write about them what they done on and did that event and help the company.

6. Conclusion

7. References

reference these in Harvard format. If in doubt, please visit for help with the correct form of referencing.

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