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Can you please provide me with 2 different word documents:

first WORD document answer those questions

1. Give an example of how a hotel can generate customer loyalty at a “customer touch point.”

2. What are the five stages of the consumer buying process? Through market research a consumer gathers information about the competing brands of a product and their features. The consumer then advances through four sets with respect to brands before a decision is reached. What are those four sets?

3. How is marketing to business markets different than market to consumer markets? Provide examples to support your answer.

4. See Marketing Excellence: Twitter in chapter 8. What has been Twitter’s global impact since its inception?

second document is a essay APA style 2-3 pages

Consumers often choose and use brands that have a brand personality consistent with their own actual self-concept, ideal self-concept, or others self-concept. Examine one of your recent purchases of a car, computer, furniture, or clothing, etc.

1. Why did you purchase this product?
2. Who influenced this purchase?
3. What does this purchase say about your own self-concept ideas?
4. What is your definition of the “brand personality” of this recent purchase–as compared to the definitions stated in the chapter by Stanford’s Jennifer Aaker?

Assignment requires 2 – 3 pages responding to the above questions including an introduction and conclusion.
Also add a title and references page in APA format.

For potential full credit, make use of marketing concepts from the readings and other sources, Papers must have at least two (2) references of credible marketing theory, one from the text book.

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