persuasive speech reasons to skateboard

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For this task, upload a document that has all the following requirements. Be sure to use .doc or .pdf format. It will be checked by TurnItIn for originality. An example of what this should look like is available on Canvas. Be sure to carefully read the Persuasive Speech assignment instructions first. Your Task 1 submission should include:

  1. Topic: What is your topic? The topic should be shown in a few words. Review Ch. 5 and 8 for how to choose a topic.
  2. Specific purpose? Write a specific purpose statement. Review Ch. 8 for how to write a specific purpose statement.
  3. Audience Analysis: In what way does this topic demonstrate audience analysis? Review Ch. 5 and Ch. 8 for information about how to do audience analysis.
  4. Ethos: Why did you choose this topic? Do you have some experience with the topic that adds to your ethos? Or, if you are just interested in the topic yourself, what can you do to make sure the audience trusts your information? That is, how can you build some ethos on this topic if you don’t already have it?
  5. Main Points: What persuasive organizations style/pattern will you use from Ch. 16? Whichever one you choose, you will be evaluated on how well you demonstrate that pattern. Choose either Monroe’s Motivated Sequence or the Direct Method Pattern. Based on your choice, what might your main points be for this speech?
  6. Visual Aids: What would some good visual aids be for a speech on this topic? Explain why you think each suggestion would be interesting and helpful to the audience.
  7. Research: List one website and one magazine or journal article (from one of the online SMC library databases) that could be sources of researched information about this topic. Put the website and the article in APA citation style.

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