this assignment involves imagining yourself in a specific situation must be 400 to 450 words

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The Board of Directors has asked you to explain how you intend to use data collection and predictive analytics to drive sales while respecting customers’ concerns about privacy. It’s a challenge to balance protecting the relationship with the customer and maximizing the company’s revenue. They’ve asked you to write a brief paper on the policies and practices you intend to use to achieve this balance. You will need to consider how far you will go in using predictive analytics and where you will draw the line on what is ethical when it comes to collecting data about customers. You may use resources beyond the assigned reading; include citations if you do so.

I’ve attached full requirement for this paper below. Please read through the file before starting to write the paper. I prefer to receive the work early to edit and avoid technical issues. Please put references/ work cited if needed. There is a link to the reading below as well.

The reading: How companies learn your secrets link:…

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