write a 5 pages analysis paper about the topic and do research about it

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Write a 5 pages paper to analyzing an assistive technology for disbility : Proloquo2Go


Here is book about it.


  • What activities does this technology support?
  • What work is required to create and maintain the technology?
  • Who controls the design and policies? The designer or user?
  • What are the benefits and harms of this technology?
  • What kinds of people are “good users,” “bad users,” and “misfit users” in the vision of the world the technology promotes?
  • What kinds of people and practices get pushed to the margins with this technology?
  • What values (e.g. collaboration, privacy, trust, etc) does the technology script or enforce?
  • Are there any functions that can be automated?

draw on each of the following methods to get a many-dimensional view of the technology:

  • History: What is the history of this technology? How has it changed over time?
  • Hermeneutics and semiotics: What are the many different ways in which it can be taken as a symbol? What sorts of ideas, metaphors, movements, ideologies, and the like are associated with it?
  • Observations of practice: What do people do? What are the relevant embodied skills and knowledge at play

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