week 8 discussion 23

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Week 8 Discussion

Part A: Now that you’ve worked in both Microsoft Office and G Suite, which one was your preferred productivity software? What are the strengths and disadvantages to both in a corporate or small business setting? If you could design the perfect productivity suite, which elements of Office and and G Suite would you keep and which would you leave out? Why?

Part B: Additionally, which concepts in CS165 were the easiest for you to grasp? Which were the most difficult? What were some elements of this class that you especially liked, and what would you like to change?

Please submit your answer to Part B as an attachment using some part of the Office or G Suite productivity software. You could create a table, a presentation slide, or a formatted spreadsheet to communicate your thoughts. Save that file to your computer and attach to your discussion board response in addition to your Part A text response.’

75-150 words only

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