how was it like to experience the cold war create an interview

Create an “Interview”

Step 1:
Review the lesson and your notes. Carefully examine each of these six primary sources related to the Cold War.

Step 2:
Imagine how a person would have experienced those events at the time. Create a character in your mind, someone old enough to have seen and heard about these events when they happened. Note that the sources are American when thinking about your character. Be creative─was the character born and raised American? Is he or she a recent Soviet immigrant? What does the person do for work? Does he or she have family? You don’t have to answer these questions in writing. They may help you understand your character better in order to complete the next step.

Step 3:
Use these interview questions to imagine how your character would respond to them.

Step 4:
Write your character’s responses to the interview questions, including two additional questions you create yourself.

Step 5:
To complete this assignment, summarize your interview. You must be sure that you include all of the questions and answers in your selected delivery method.
Your final submission must also include a reflection that thoroughly answers the following questions:

  • What did you learn from the primary sources or lesson that was most surprising and why?
  • How might a Russian adult have responded differently to the interview questions?

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