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Write helpful responses to the students post as if you were the one writing to them.

1) Write a response to the student, welcome them to the class, and write how you agree include details to support it. Also give your opinion, keep it positive. 100 words min

Hello everyone my name is Liam Clingan, and I’m very happy to be taking this class with all of you! This is my 2nd year in college and I’m 19 years old. I plan on majoring in broadcast journalism, hoping I can one day be a sports debater/ sports analyst. For instance I love to talk sports with anyone, I run my own podcast on sports, but other than sports I love fishing, hiking, and playing video games. I really enjoy any kind of history. My whole life I have always thought that History was the most important subject in school, besides English of course. Needless to say I’m very excited to be taking this class.

“If you think you already have the answer or the truth, it keeps you from learning”. This quote is something that really struck home with me. The time we live in we are privy to all sorts of different information, and yet we use very minimal sources when it comes to anything. For example we can look at Republicans and Democrats. Democrats are often getting their news and information from CNN or NBC. While Republicans get their information from Fox. The issue with this is that we see information coming from one side and people want to just believe it rather than watching or listening to both so you can see the different point of views. These groups of people think that there information is more correct than the others, and that isn’t the case. They are all right because with out diversified information you cannot learn. Which ties into things

The New History Wars. The way we teach history needs to be taught with any censorship at all. We need to learn the harsh reality of history that has happened in the world and in our own history as a country. People are getting upset with schools not teaching the correct history. This whole ordeal is skirting a fine line between patriotic inspiration and historical thinking. People want there to be change and for history to be taught correctly and yet we don’t want change if it changes the way we perceive the way we view America. Which goes back to what we know, what we know is America isn’t perfect, but we want to believe it is. This stems from our Nationalistic roots as Americans, and we do not want to see change if it changes the way we view our proud history

2) write how you agree include details to support it. Also give your opinion, keep it positive. 100 words min

After watching the video several times I kept going back to the definition of “Bill of Attainder” in the video it is defined as: legislation imposing punishment without trial. I didn’t comprehend exactly what that meant and how someone can be punished without trial. I then looked it up in the textbook and what I found was this, “There are only three individual rights mentioned in the Constitution: (1) the right to see a writ of habeas corpus; (2) the prohibition of bills of attainder; and (3) the prohibition of ex post facto laws” (Hemmens, pg 39). An example would be if someone committed a felony or treason. I’m not too sure why I was having trouble comprehending this individual right, so if someone can give me another example of scenario I would highly appreciate it.

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