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1) High Performance Teams (200 Words Minimum) Article for this part is in attachment

In the 21st century, more organizations are moving to
the team concept to maximize overall organizational performance through the
combined efforts of people. The old adage, “Two heads are better than one” has
proven to be a valid statement, as organizations strive to face the many
challenges in the internal and external environments.

In this discussion question, please find an article in
the course Library relating to high performance teams. If possible, try to find
an article on high performance teams in the type of business you selected for
your business plan (Service Business).
Answer the following questions relating to the article and your own experience
with business teams:

  • Please
    describe the background for the article you researched and explain why
    this particular best practice scenario appealed to you. What did you learn
    from the article that you could apply in your business?
  • What
    are some characteristics of high performance teams? What are the strengths
    and weaknesses of business teams? Please share your experiences as a team
    member in either a business or non-business environment.

2) Career Planning (200 Words Minimum)

When you start a business you need to be able to sell
yourself as well as your business ideas and plan. In order to get yourself on
the right path to success, complete and answer the following:

Review career skills in the field of business and
management and then create a 1-year action plan as to what specific actions you
will take that will guide you towards realizing your ideal job.

Please include the following in your 1-year bulleted
action plan: (In addition add your 1 year action plan to your Career Portfolio)

  • Specify
    the ideal job you want.
  • Determine
    what skills you need to get that job.
  • What
    steps you will take to obtain the additional skills you might need?
  • What
    networking avenues will you use to understand your field of interest,
    obtain advice, and help you increase professional development?
  • How
    would you use a mentor or coach to assist you in personal branding?

3) Create a code of conduct policy for your business (two pages). I will tell you my business
once tutor is selected.


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