history discussion forums in a paragraph or so

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(Discuss) Discussion #1: Migration to the Americas

Based on the geological, archaeological, and DNA evidence you’ve read and the origin stories you watched, how might historians or students of history reconcile the scientific evidence with the Indigenous viewpoints and insights about human origins in the Americas?

Discuss) Discussion #2: Pre-Columbian America and Columbian Exchange

Option 1: Based on the lectures on Pre-Columbian America and Exploration and the Columbian Exchange, was there any information that was truly surprising to you? That is, was there something beyond just new information but information that fundamentally changed the way you think about Native America and the contributions of Native Americans to world history? What previous assumptions were undercut by this new information or ideas?

Option 2: If the answer is “no” (or if you just want to answer this question), then answer the following question: Consider all of the content about Pre-Columbian America that you’ve read in the textbook or listened to during online lectures. If you were forced to use only one Pre-Columbian culture, site, or event to teach pre-1492 history in HIS 205 (in 30 minutes or less) what example would you focus on and why?

(Discuss) Discussion #3: Respond to the two questions in Enduring Vision, page 62.

Discussion Assignment #3: Respond to the two questions on 62 in Moodle.

(Discuss) Discussion #4: Origins of African Slavery

Based on the Downward Spiral, how did African Slavery change in the early colonial period? How did it differ from one colony to the next? How did resistance or adaptation resemble or differ in the colonies examined in the film? Anything else of note?

(Discuss) Discussion #5: The American Revolution

Why did the American Revolution happen? And how did it affect different groups differently?

(Discuss) Discussion #6: The Constitution

Respond to one of the following questions:

1) What were the events that led to the Constitutional Convention?

2) What were the major changes compared to the Articles of Confederation?

3) What compromises were arrived at in the final version of the Constitution?

Discuss): Discussion #7: Jackson

Respond to one of the following two questions:

1) Why could people cast Jackson as both a hero and a villain according to the standards of 1820s and 1830s?

2) Why might he be celebrated or vilified by standards of the twenty-first century?

(Discuss): Discussion #8. Civil War

How did the Union ultimately defeat the Confederacy? What were the key factors in the Union’s victory?

access to moodle and resources will be given


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