History Response Post 1

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Please respond to, agree, disagree, share thoughts, add to this post in 50 words or more. 

1.How did Jackson redefine the Presidency under his two terms in office? To answer this question more fully, please watch the video, above. It is only 10-minutes long, but it is packed with information (and a nice break from Foner)..

He thought that the People should elect the President. In different cities he and his supporters organized  lots of demonstrations, assemblies  gathering people and telling  the average Americans that they are the ones wo elect a president, not the Congress , and people liked it and accepted their right of choice. For strengthening his position as a president  Jackson also fired  hundreds of federal employees and hired his supporters. He also used the power of the President to Veto the decisions of Congress making them to make decisions in accordance with the President’s opinion, better then later get a veto from him. And created the oldest  political party of Democrats, and the head of the party is the man who gets the power of the party.

2.Next, please list and discuss the 3 most important points made in this video. In your discussion of these points, bring in examples from all that you have read this week on Jackson. Be specific and show us that you’ve done your reading.

What I did not find in the book but was stated in the video, was that the founding fathers did not want one person to be in the charge of the country, so they crated the government in the way that the Congress is the one who makes the decisions, chooses the President from the people inside, and the President is the Executive, just to serve.

The video describes very clearly and open the steps The President Jackson took to change the power of the President in America; making people believe and get the right to choose their President, to become more politically educated, to hire his supporters in federal positions, to make the Congress to count his opinion in making decisions.

Both the book ( Foner page 379) and the video describe formulation  party system and it’s increasing role in political life, in including average Americans in political life of the country.

3.Do you agree with the video’s main points? Does the Foner text contradict the video? (For instance, surely Jefferson’s “Revolution” of 1800 shows us a president who did not wait for the Congress to set national policy and direction? Yes?)

 The Foner describes Jackson as a reach racist  and nationalist, but mostly tells his economic policy and opinions and does not contradict the video.  To me Jefferson’s “Revolution” is kind a different story, that was for being elected as a  President, the competition, but Jackson seems to be greedy and a man who like to be on charge and command, and do  everything  and use all  possible ways to strengthen his position.

4.Compare President Obama’s presidency to that of Jackson’s. Do we still see vestiges of Jackson’s influence? Has the trend toward a more powerful chief executive increased in recent years? In what way? Support your claims not with generalizations, but hard facts.

Yes, and this is not only for Obama, ever since the changes Jackson did, the people elect The President, Political parties are the ones who ran large campaigns, suggest their leaders to run for  a President, support him.  I just remembered some facts from naturalization test I had ; The President is The Commander in Chief of the military, The President’s Cabinet advises The President. The President signs the bill to become a low…


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