Homework # 5

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Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question posed below. Submit this assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

  1. Define CAM.
  2. Describe the patient who uses CAM the most.
  3. List some common misconceptions about CAM.
  4. Identify methods of including the use of CAM in patient education.
  5. Discuss the safe use of CAM.
  6. List ways in which conventional medicine and CAM can be integrated.
  7. Define ethical theories, ethical principles, and values.
  8. Provide examples of ethical issues in patient education and compliance, and describe ways in which an effective professional/patient relationship and a poor health professional/patient relationship can impact these issues.
  9. Explain what is meant by “ethical patient education practices”.
  10. Explain the purpose of informed consent.
  11. Discuss what factors determine the patient’s ability to give informed consent.
  12. Compose a sample informed consent form. .
  13. Discuss the process of communication to use with the patient and the family when obtaining informed consent.

  • Stay within the word count: answers to each question should be only 50-100 words: a total of 600-1,300 words maximum. More than 50 words over the top limit and anything less than the lower limit will result in a returned assignment for correction.
  • Only .doc or .docx formats are allowed.
  • Don’t repeat the questions: this falsely increases the word count.
  • Don’t number the paragraphs.
  • The text must be in Times New Roman 12 pt font and be double-spaced.
  • Students who fail to use the format above will have the assignment returned for correction. If this occurs after the due date, deep deductions will be made in the final score.
  • You are required to use a minimum of two scholarly resources: for every reference, there must be matching citations in the text.
  • Review the List of Allowed Online Scholarly Resources located in Topic 1 DQ1: only resources from this list are allowed to be used in your assignments.
  • References and citations must still be in APA Format: use the APA Citation Guide located in Topic 1 DQ2 for examples of proper format for citations and references.
  • A lack of references or citations is considered plagiarism by GCU. Any assignment lacking references or in-text citations will be returned for correction; if this occurs after the due date, no points will be awarded since no assignment can be accepted after the end of class.
  • Paraphrase sources rather than cutting and pasting them into the document: remember, paraphrased materials must still be cited in the text and referenced at the end.
  • Be careful about academic honesty and avoid plagiarism: copying another person’s work can result in severe academic penalties.
  • The Grading Rubric for the assignment is located in Topic 5 DQ2.
  • LopesWrite is not required for this assignment.
  • When saving the assignment, put part of your name in the file name to ensure it is personally identified with you: this prevents overwriting of your downloaded responses with another’s responses due to the same file names.
  • If the essay remains unsubmitted past the due date, it will receive zero points since no assignment can be accepted after the end of class.
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