Houston Community College Schemas Why You Need to Know About Them Discussion Questions

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1-Watch the video and reply to the discussion prompts

2-Your reply to each prompt must be at least 100 words in length

1-The title of the video is “Schemas – Why You Need to Know About Them.” How would you explain to parents that understanding schemas can help them be better parents? ( 100 words minimum) 

2-In the video, the statement is made that a parent thought a child was being “naughty” when the child was actually just demonstrating a behavior that all children are motivated to engage in because the behavior helps their intellectual development. In your opinion, to what extent is lack of understanding of normal child development a factor in child abuse and neglect? (100 words minimum)


3-write a reply for this comment (100 words minimum).

  1. The simple definition of schemas is “repeated behavioral patterns, children will go through in order to learn and explore their enviroment” For example, when babies are born they suck. They repeat this behavior again and again until they understand it and get better at it. As children get older they’re schemas become more complex and sophisticated. Parents can sometimes get frustrated, annoyed or nervous if they’re kids are not behaving the same way as other kids their age. If your child enjoys different activites then his peers it might be becuase hes going through a different schema and not because of a more serious reason like being developementally delayed.
  2. In the video, one of the parents labeled her child as “naughty” when in reality the child was displaying normal healthy behaviors for a child his age, experiencing a schema. The parents lack of understanding of their child’s normal developement definitely caused her to mistreat her son. I would not lable it as abuse or neglect. No parent is perfect and they are always learning and making changes do how they do things. The mother reached out and asked for help with her son so she clearly cares about him and how she treats him. Every parent should try to discover as much as they could about their child and what behavior is considered normal so they can parent accordingly

here is some answers samples:1.The way I would explain to parents that understanding schemas can help them be a better parent is by telling them that if they. understand their child schemas they can have a better understanding on why their child is acting a certain way. Instead of disciplining the child or yelling at them to stop doing a certain action they can research which schema their child is displaying and support their schema. I would also tell them that schemas will change over time and that their child may have a different schema every other week and that they have to pay close attention to their child so that they can know what to do or how to react.2.In my opinion, if a parent does not know anything about child development or is lacking information about their Childs development I would not consider it child abuse or neglect because they are just lacking information. If a parent was to research why their child is acting a certain way or if they study why their child is acting a certain why it would simply fix the parent lacking information and it would fix the way that the child is acting in a positive way.


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