How did you go about learning

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Throughout your career, your success will depend on you constantly being a learner, making choices about how to solve various problems—which tools to apply, including the theories mentioned in Chapter 2. However, one barrier to learning that all of us need to be aware of is our mind-set.


What’s Your Mind-set? Two Views

  • The fixed mind-set—believing your basic qualities are carved in stone.People with a fixed mind-set are concerned about how they will be judged, as on intelligence or personal qualities. They believe, “My intelligence is something very basic that can’t be changed very much.” Or, “I’m a certain kind of person, and there’s not much that can be done to change that.” They care less about learning than looking bad when failure occurs.
  • The growth mind-set—believing your basic qualities can be changed through your effort.People with a growth mind-set are concerned with improving. They think, “You can always change your intelligence quite bit.” Or, “You can always change basic things about the kind of person you are.” Failure for these kinds of people may well feel bad, but instead of hiding their deficiencies from others they try to overcome them. Fortunately, by applying themselves, people of a fixed mind-set can develop a growth mind-set.


Your approach to learning won’t stop once you leave school. Most organizations now are “learning organizations,” in which employees are continually required to expand their ability to achieve results by obtaining the right knowledge and changing their behavior. Thus, your mind-set matters. Which type are you? What can a person begin to do to move from a fixed mind-set to a growth mind-set?

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