How does Mazda market the MyMazda app to increase customer retention at a dealership level as well as at a brand level?

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Background Information

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, consumer needs and wants have changed drastically. Technology is rapidly adapted and innovation is rewarded. Mazda Motor Company, a small yet innovative Japanese automaker, is in pursuit of an organizational transformation to match and exceed the needs of today’s consumers.

Mazda’s goals are two-fold; first, to increase brand image and brand value using brand value management. With the introduction of the sixth-generation vehicles, Mazda has proven they are no longer a bargain car company focused on using low prices to motivate sales. Mazda’s current brand recognition amongst its target demographic customer (information provided in Exhibit A) is minimal, providing an excellent growth opportunity. The second goal of this organizational transformation is to ensure that Mazda dealers benefit from this heightened customer experience through increased profitability.

With the move into the premium market, Mazda has decided to revamp their MyMazda app to be appropriate to a premium image. Previous versions of the app were labeled as clunky, slow and difficult to navigate. In August 2018, the MyMazda app was relaunched with a sleek new interface that provides easier access to key functions of the app.

The Challenge

Mazda Customers were not happy with the prior MyMazda app, so the developers at Mazda reworked the app to fit customer wants and the premium image Mazda is trying to establish. From the perspective of a millennial, we here at Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) are asking you to develop a set of recommendations that will increase the number of new downloads of the MyMazda app as well as retain current and future app users. Your recommendations should include a plan for dealerships to successfully market the MyMazda app to customers and increase app retention, interaction, and utilization.

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