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  • 1300-1500 words (plus an APA cover page and References page)
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • 4 or more research sources used in-text and listed on References page
  • 3rd person point of view

WHAT: Identify a problem found in your personal or professional life, a problem for which you can form a viable solution. Write a persuasive research-based essay using at least 4 sources and APA citation format. The essay must identify the problem and then lead readers to consider or accept a reasonable solution(s) to the problem.

HOW: Far-reaching problems that cannot be effectively defined and solved in the space of 1300-1500 words will NOT be accepted for this project. Some examples of topics NOT accepted for this project include abortion, death penalty, lowering/raising drinking age, legalization of marijuana, value of religion(s), pro/con of current wars, euthanasia, and other broad society-level challenges.

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