HR Data Management and Ethics PowerPoint Project

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This week you will construct a PowerPoint presentation on data management. Your PowerPoint should consist of a 10- to 15-slides.

Remember that in a PowerPoint the audience needs to be kept in mind. A slide should not be too crowded and should be concise and appealing for an audience. Make use of the speaker’s notes (the white space below the slides) to expand on some of the concepts within the slides. Work citations into the slides or the speaker’s notes. Remember to keep the focus on HR.

Your final presentation should be posted that includes all of the elements listed below:

  • How might an HR professional misrepresent data for his/her benefit, and why? Provide at least three different examples.
  • What are some of the issues that might emerge as a result? Be sure to address both personal and organizational issues.
  • Are there any instances when it may be acceptable to manipulate the data? Explain why or why not.
  • How might an HR professional ensure he/she avoids data misrepresentation to their strategic partners?
  • Be specific, and provide examples with references to the literature.

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