HW HELP: SAFe Framework of Aurecon Singapore

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5.1 SAFE framework


Does the strategy address the key opportunities and constraints?

Strategic options (PESTEL, five forces, SWOT, etc)

Acceptability (3R) – stakeholder

Does the strategy meet stakeholder expectations?

Is the level risk acceptable?

Is the likely return acceptable?

Risk – The extent that the outcome can be predicted

Return – The financial benefits which the stakeholders are expected to retrieve

Reaction – How the stakeholders will react to the strategy. If they find it unacceptable it is likely to fail.


Would it work in practice?

Can it be financed?

Do the people and skills exist or can they be obtained

Can the resources be obtained and integrated?

Do the resources and competencies currently exist? If not, can they be obtained?

Area: People and skills/ resources area/ Financial(?)


Management judgement.


Unanticipated problems

Development in practices isn’t always logical or rational.


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