I need 1400 words added to the paper (Final draft docx)

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For the globalization part you can focus on the political, social, and economic impacts that it has had on the world like finding a way to tie it back to international relations. And I need 8 sources total from jstor.org and dont forget to do the citations (intext citations). Everything should be in the final exam doc of how you should write the paper(all instructions read them and follow them carefully). Also, for the part i had already written please edit it to ensure flow. The 1400 words i a continuation of what i had already written.

Keenly follow the instructions

no plagiarism, no grammar errors,

make sure you intext every paragraph

I have also attached the clash of civilizations docx I dont really think you will need it. But the section I expand on in the last thing I wrote in the doc is from the last section its like the last 3 pages.

I need an excellent work. Thank you


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