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1. Fill in the blank:
Whose keys are these?
______ are mine.

A: They
B: These
C: It
D: Keys
E: Whose

Whose shoes are these?

A: It’s mine.
B: They are hers shoes.
C: They’re their.
D: Their my shoes.
E: They are your father’s friend’s shoes.

3. Put the phrases in the CORRECT ORDER:
with is going to lunch her she
A. with
B. is
C. going to lunch
D. her
E. she

(For example, type[img src=”http://www.easyenglish.com/images/bcdea.gif” alt=”bcdea” height=”24″ width=”63″>in the box.)

Who is she talking to on the phone?

A: She talking to her sister.
B: She talks to Lorenzo Rodriguez
C: Him she is talking to.
D: She’s not talking to me sister.
E: Maybe she’s talking to your sister.

5. CHANGE the word TO PLURAL:

6. Fill in the blank:
Never look directly ______ the sun. It is bad for your eyes.

A: to
B: for
C: through
D: of
E: at

7. Fill in the blank:
______ the war, most Italians were farmers.

A: To
B: From
C: While
D: Before
E: When

8. Fill in the blank:
Where ______ the Battle of the Bulge?

A: was
B: are
C: is
D: were
E: weren’t

the most dangerous animal on earth is man.

10. CHANGE this verb TO PAST TENSE:

A: eat
B: eaten
C: ate
D: eated
E: et

11. Fill in the blank:
Right now, my mother ______ dinner in the kitchen.

A: cooks
B: does cook
C: cooking
D: are cooking
E: is cooking

12. Fill in the blank:
Shhh! Please don’t talk so loud; the baby ______.

A: sleeps
B: is sleeping
C: are sleeping
D: sleeping
E: sleeping is

13. Fill in the blank:
______ is your name?

A: How
B: Where
C: Which
D: Who
E: What

14. Fill in the blank:
Thomas can’t get out of bed because he ______ his leg.

A: breakable
B: break
C: breaks
D: broken
E: broke

15. Fill in the blank:
Anna told me a very ______ story.

A: interestingly
B: interest
C: interests
D: interested
E: interesting

16. Fill in the blank:
I’ve ______ a terrible headache.

A: have
B: gets
C: gottin
D: got
E: has

17. Change the (verb) to INFINITIVE or GERUND:
I dislike (work) on weekends.

18. Change the (verb) to INFINITIVE or GERUND:
The president refused (meet) the ambassador.

19. Change the (verb) to INFINITIVE or GERUND:
Would you mind (not make) so much noise?

20. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
Hello, how are you?

A: Oh man, I’s beat!
B: I’m fine, thanks.
C: I am doing finely.
D: Very well, and how you are?
E: I’m doing great, thanks. Are you?


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