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Read chapter one from the book and discuss the following. Your submission should be in a form of a word document and your answer for each discussion idea should be a paragraph with at least 3 sentences. Your answer should also be your own explanation as it relates to the question referencing the book. More than 30% of copy / pasted content from the book or online will result in 10% penalty for every 10% above the 30%.

The questions :

1. Devise an outline, consistent with the scientific method, which interface researchers should follow to validate their designs.

2. List some characteristics of successful user interface designers with respect to their approach to solving UI problems

3. As noted in the book, some skeptics feel that accommodating diversity requires dumbing-down or lowest-common-denominator strategies. However, the authors claim that in their experience, rethinking interface designs to accommodate these diversity situations will result in a better product for all users. Give an example of a product that meets the specific needs of a certain group of people, yet gives all users a better experience.

4. List several reasons why certain people resist using computers and suggest possible ways to you can alleviate these concerns.

5. Suggest three usability measures that can be directly used to produce a practical evaluation of a system. Keep the goals of efficiency and satisfaction in mind with these measures.


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