In Depth Research of ONE mural, history homework help

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Reminder & Guidelines:

In Depth Research of ONE mural

Your [3] Area Reports & [4] Production & Reception Reports should follow the following Formatting Guidelines:

  • Times New Roman 12pt Font, 1 inch Margins, Double Spaced.
  • Develop and Articulate a Clear Group Thesis.
  • Each group member will submit a 500-550 word narrative summary of the key findings for each of the two reports (3. Area & 4. Production & Reception). Each group member’s report should complement those of the whole group: use the group thesis.

[3] Area Report [50pts]

Each group will be assigned a different neighborhood:

Group 1 – East Baltimore Midway [“Midway/Coldstream” on BNIA resource]

… (may also include: Barclay, Oliver, & Green Mount West)

Group 2 – Sandtown Winchester (may also include: Upton & Harlem Park)

Group 3 – Washington Village (may also include: Hollins Market & Carroll-Camden Industrial Area)

Group 4 – Downtown (may also include: Inner Harbor & Fells Point)

Group 5 – Charles North [“Greater Charles Village” on BNIA resource]

… (may also include: Charles Village & Midtown Belvedere)

Group 6 – Waverly [“The Waverlies” on BNIA resource] (may also include: Better Waverly, Harwood, & Abell)

Group 7 – McElderly Park (may also include: Middle East & Broadway East)

Your Area Report should tell a story about or characterize your assigned neighborhood. This will be the contextualization of your mural analysis in the next step 4 of the project.

The area report is to include information on: Arts, Demographic (household size, median household income, poverty, racial diversity, female/male percentages, number of households, etc.), Children & Family Health, Crime & Safety, Economic Development, Sustainability, and Education… from the Information on Baltimore Neighborhoods resource.

Also include any information from archival data, like: photos of the neighborhood, maps, documents about city growth and immigration, important city or neighborhood events, people, etc. … from:

The Maryland Historical Society

the 1815 Baltimore interactive map

neighborhood specific interviews

the 1968 Riots

Pratt Library Neighborhoods Research Guide

Digital Archive of 2015 Baltimore Uprising

University of Richmond Mapping Inequality Project

Baltimore Sun Archives

Afro Newspaper Archives

Google Journalistic Sources

… and any other archives you can access.

Make sure to cite your sources, see How to cite Archival Materials for guidelines.

I am on group one which is east Baltimore. It should be 500 words about the crime. i will upload pictures that related to the subject.

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