InDesign Project

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Learning Outcome #1: Basics of professional desktop publishing by way of their finished projects.

Learning Outcome #2: The use of appropriate resolution, file formats and modes for bitmapped graphic images.

Learning Outcome #3: The use of vector based tools by inspection of the students finished class projects.
Learning Outcome #4:
Introduction to the basics of the major page layout program.

  1. page elements
  2. document construction basics


InDesign Project

Must include the following:

Vertical, letter size ad for a TV show or event.

Required elements:


-3 points of interest

-Each point of interest has 3 elements

copy (short, several sentences)
graphic or photo

-Closer, call to action


-1/2″ margin

-Photos-200ppi, CMYK TIFF/JPG

-Ai images, logos-CMYK AI or EPS

-Press quality PDF

-Correctly packaged

Suggested elements:
-Background imagery

You have a lot of leeway in this project. Be creative and work in your area of interest to develop a complex document. The above requirements are your minimum requirements. In other words, while you must be able to check them off, you will probably have more going on. Remember, the more complex and involved your poster/flyer is, the more attention grabbing your advertisement will be.

Collect images – these could you your own photographs or other images. Make sure they have the resolution you need. Begin the ideation process by developing some roughs of what you would like to work on. Narrow in on the one you would like to develop further. At this point, you are welcome to scan in your rough and use it as a guide – just remember to place it on a separate layer and later DELETE THIS LAYER. Please keep the principles of design in mind as you work. Make sure your composition is pleasing to eye with visual hierarchy, balance, contrast, and a clearly defined background and foreground. You can copy an existing logo for your vector art requirement, or develop a new one – just make sure it is vector art.

Using the Graphic Design Critique guidelines and the Design Brief posted in Course Documents as a guide, prepare a defense for your work. Using the knowledge from the lectures/readings, bring your Indesign project to completion. Be prepared to describe, clarify, analyze your design process. Don’t forget your role as the Critic and give constructive feedback to your peers.

Please use the game: Apex Legends, as an example

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