Infectious Diseases of 21st century: Challenges and Solutions

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Each presentation should present around 20 minutes

    • Each member of the group should present for minimum 5 minutes (4 people*5 minutes=20minutes total)
  • PowerPoint requirements:
    • Engaging and creative: with images, or videos, sounds (video length not more than 1-1:30 minutes)
    • Minimum text on the slides
    • No reading from slides or notes
    • Look at the whole audience/class, not one person
    • When in front of the class, do not stay all in one place
    • Manage who will switch through the slides when somebody is presenting
    • Rehearse individually and as a group
    • Interact with the audience
    • A presentation/ppt should include:
    • There is no minimum number of slides a long as your presentation is around 20 minutes
    • A Cover page with the names of all presenters, course number and title, Professor’s name, title of the presentation
    • Introduction slide(s), where you are introducing the topic, explaining its significance. Provide numbers, statistics, if relevant, describe a case if it illustrates an issue well, etc.
    • Main part of the presentation should include review of the issue/problem/topic (use minimum 5 sources published within the last 10 years)
    • Practice/research recommendations
    • Conclusion – what is the main idea that you would like your audience to have after your presentation? Is it a call for action? How can the situation be improved/developed etc? You can address this kind of questions at the conclusion of your presentation.

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