Instructions Assignment 4: Week 4: Term Project Part 2 – Abstract and Detailed Outline If you have not already selected a topic for your paper, you will need to select a topic this week. You must sel

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Assignment 4:

Week 4: Term Project Part 2 – Abstract and Detailed Outline

If you have not already selected a topic for your paper, you will need to select a topic this week. You must select a topic related to the class.

Recommended Topics:

Compare and contrast and integrate environmental regulations that impact on organizational plans to dispose of unused or waste materials.

Describe modalities related to sustainment of materials recovered from waste management programs

Identify areas of specific concern related to the packaging and protection of finished goods throughout their life cycle, and those material’s impact on waste streams.

Evaluate the direct and indirect impact of reverse logistics operations on the local and regional and world environment.

Define, describe and detail out the competitive advantages of green practices for individuals, companies or governments.

Write a draft abstract and more detailed outline of your research topic paper. This outline can follow the following format as far as section headings. But you do not have to follow it. You can add more sections. But there must be at least four sections highlighted by * and section titles.




Literature Review*




Future Research Recommendation

Incorporate at least one reference from articles listed within the online APUS library.

•Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12•Length of paper: typed, double-spaced pages with no less than a two-page paper.•APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.•Written Communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.point.

Instructions Assignment 4: Week 4: Term Project Part 2 – Abstract and Detailed Outline If you have not already selected a topic for your paper, you will need to select a topic this week. You must sel
CONCERN RELATED TO THE PACKAGING AND PROTECTION Concern Related To the Packaging and Protection Name University RLMT302 Date Professor Stites Outline Abstract Packaging and protection importance Introduction Manufactures and consumers role in packaging and importance Background Environmental and health benefits and challenges faced through packaging and protection Literature Review Study conducted on packaging and protection of goods Findings The rate of literacy on packaging and protection by consumers Conclusion Summary Future Research Recommendation Concern related to the packaging and protection of finished goods throughout their life cycle and those materials’ impact on waste streams. Abstract Packaging is a process of great importance in goods production since it is a technology that helps products in storage, transportation, and sale in the market. Protective packaging is the most important product strategy since it helps secure the product through protection from harm and infections during warehousing and transportation. Packaging helps an easy supply chain by lowering costs, the emergence of e-commerce, and lowering environmental impacts. The finished good’s sustainability is the most concern linked to packaging and protection. Food production packaging, electronic production and hazardous goods like chemicals, gasses, and petroleum packaging, and protection sustainability are areas of great concern throughout their life cycle and impact on the waste stream. Introduction Packaging and protection of goods are of great importance to manufacturers and consumers, especially through the transportation process and preservation against any form of harm or environmental pollution in case of an accident during the shipment. However, manufacturers play a huge role in ensuring that packaging and protection are facilitated in the most effective ad attractive manner. Based on the type and area of production, it is the government agencies’ role to ensure that the packaging and protection strategies used by the manufacturers are the most standard and secure for consumers’ safety and environmental management. Sustaining packaging, protecting against environmental pollution by-products, and facilitating product security is the most important aspect that must be facilitated for future generation and environmental protection. Background Over the years, numerous cases of poor packaging of different products have led to environmental hazards, especially by chemical products, oil spoilage in oceans, and poor food product packaging. It leads to customer health insecurity and environmental pollution by the electronics products that are not recyclable. Based on these factors, different strategies need to be designed by the government-linked with these manufacturers and transportation agencies to ensure that the packaging and protection of different products is done most effectively (Deshwal, 2019). This helps humans and aquatic animals and environmental protection against any form of hazardless throughout their lifecycle and after-use impact. Literature Review Regardless of the production process, packaging and protection are important for all types of goods since it facilitates the protection of product quality, standards, and health matters. Under the packaging policies, every product must comprise health precautions, storage guidance, utilization manner, transportation guidelines, and disposal plan that customers must follow. According to the study, government agencies must guide both policies based on the product content and its utilization purpose. Consumers have yet to be aware of these policies for their products (Groh, 2019). According to the study, where most customers are attracted by the branding of the products failing to consider its healthy packaging security and the product dangers if misused or transported ineffectively. Findings Packaging and protection of goods materials are of less concern to every individual, both the manufacturer and consumer, for most goods since they comprise less or no value. Under this aspect, packaging materials are considered to have a negative impact on the environment, especially materials that are not recyclable. An example is in bays, where the highest rate of pollution is caused by packaging materials affecting the life and future of the oceans and lakes. Proper disposal and protection of the environment is the greatest sustainability challenge faced through packaging materials after product utilization (Rhein, 2020). The challenge is facilitated by a need for knowledge of recycling some packaging materials, leading to an unprotected environment against environmental pollution. Conclusion Packaging and protecting products are essential for different products, and it is the role of the manufacturers and government to ensure that there are different policies to control the process. Ensuring that goods are secure for human consumption, mainly food goods, among other types of goods, are packaged and transported most effectively and securely, as well as storage, is the most important aspect of sustainability. Although controlling environmental pollution caused by some packaging materials is a challenge, improving strategies to manage the waste by the government can help in the sustainability of waste material for the products, especially electronics and packaging materials that are not recyclable. Summary In the manufacturing of goods, packaging must be given the greatest consideration due to transportation and product protection against any form of harm or infection to individuals and the environment. Through effective and standardized packaging, the quality of the products will be maintained through the transportation process and storage. Taking precautions for transportation, storage, utilization and recycling, and disposal of packaging materials and unproductive goods, especially electronics, helps improve the environment quality towards the elimination of environmental pollution towards sustainability of numerous factors in terms of environment and commercial activities. It is important for recycling processes to be facilitated towards improving the utilization of packaging material for future environmental benefits. It is the role of the government to facilitate these factors and policies. Future Research Recommendation With improved technology in terms of packaging and protection of goods, there is usually a need for future studies on how to control the packaging of newly produced products in the market. Different manufacturers produce different types of goods, and suitable research needs to be conducted to ensure that goods are transported securely against any harm. Improvement of packaging and protection of goods needs to be improved against any form of health and standards breach (Kalpana, 2019). The aspect must be facilitated by the government and manufacturers, especially from the counterfeit products that might package their products under other manufacturers’ seals and branding. References Deshwal, G. K., Panjagari, N. R., & Alam, T. (2019). An overview of paper and paper based food packaging materials: health safety and environmental concerns. Journal of food science and technology, 56(10), 4391-4403. Groh, K. J., Backhaus, T., Carney-Almroth, B., Geueke, B., Inostroza, P. A., Lennquist, A., … & Muncke, J. (2019). Overview of known plastic packaging-associated chemicals and their hazards. Science of the total environment, 651, 3253-3268. Rhein, S., & Schmid, M. (2020). Consumers’ awareness of plastic packaging: More than just environmental concerns. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 162, 105063. Kalpana, S., Priyadarshini, S. R., Leena, M. M., Moses, J. A., & Anandharamakrishnan, C. (2019). Intelligent packaging: Trends and applications in food systems. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 93, 145-157.

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