Instructions: Reading and integrating current information on substance abuse counseling and prevention topics will be critical to your professional practice. One such way is to develop an annotated bi

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Reading and integrating current information on substance abuse counseling and prevention topics will be critical to your professional practice. One such way is to develop an annotated bibliography on a topic of interest. For this exercise, you will only develop one annotation of an article: a short (about 150 words) description and analysis. You will select 1 journal article from a current peer-reviewed journal focused on considerations for providing substance abuse interventions to a specific population.

  • Your annotation should contain research related to considerations for providing substance abuse services to a specific population. Examples include: Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse; Native Americans; Homeless Individuals; Pregnant Women; Transgender Populations; College Students; Women; Men; Older Adults; Immigrant Populations; Adolescents; Adults with Developmental Disabilities; African Americans; Appalachian Men; Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues; Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.  (This is only a suggested list. Other populations may be selected at the discretion of the student.)
  • It is recommended that you investigate a population whom you are likely to serve, so you may better understand their needs and how you might become trained to best serve this group. Your findings may cause you to refine your career goals. Be curious and investigate.

Current publications are defined as those published within the past 5 years (must be 2018 or later). After finding your article, you will read and develop annotations for each using APA format (7th edition). Please see the associated rubric for a guide to obtaining full credit for this assignment. This assignment should not exceed 1 double-spaced page. It should be formatted using twelve-point, Times New Roman font.

  1. Review the rubric and assignment page to fully understand the assignment.
  2. APA formatting 7th edition is required: to an external site.
  • Official APA Style Guide SiteLinks to an external site.
  • Note: This will show your portions of how to write, using APA formatting. It is recommended that you purchase the APA Manual (7th Edition) for writing a paper using this style.
  • And, another formatting resource for your review: to an external site.
  1. You need to find an actual peer-reviewed research article, not just a website page.
  • This IS a peer-reviewed, research study/article. to an external site.
  • This IS NOT a peer-reviewed study/article. to an external site.
  • I would personally recommend staying away from research articles that have these words in the title “systematic review” or “meta-analysis.” These are certainly peer-reviewed articles but they often summarize lots of different and individual research studies and it can be really difficult to summarize and critique the review for the purpose of this assignment.
  • When you are looking for articles, make sure that you find one that addresses clinical issues when working with this population. A simple search of substance abuse and your population may not render the articles you need. Make sure to use terms such as “counseling,” “clinical,” or “therapeutic,” and review your article to ensure that you will write about substance abuse counseling considerations.
  1. How to find a peer-reviewed research article? One of the easiest ways is to go to to an external site.and search some key words (e.g., substance abuse and bipolar disorder). The only caveat with this method of google scholar is not every article that comes up with be free and accessible. To get nearly unlimited access to peer-reviewed research article, you need to visit the UC library website (https://libraries.uc.eduLinks to an external site.).  You’ll need to use your normal UC Login username/password to get into the online library. UC library staff can also be a great resource for helping further explain this. Finding peer-reviewed articles-1.docx Most search engines will allow you to indicate that you want ONLY peer-reviewed or “scholarly” journals. A UC librarian can assist you or give you an orientation to online periodical searches. How do I know if it’s a peer-reviewed article? – to an external site.
  2. Actually summarize the important key components of the peer-reviewed article. The majority of your points are coming from your ability to accurately summarize. You can use this website to help prompt what you need to include. to an external site.
  • pdf & Atkins.2007.pdf
  • Here are some more specific details about how to write an annotation using a specific article in the substance abuse counseling field. It is from 2007, so it is too old to fit criteria and a recent article. Furthermore, it is not about a specific population, which I have also asked you to investigate.
  • Be VERY careful of plagiarism. Any assignments that are too similar to the original article/plagiarized will not be accepted.
  1. Be sure to critique the article. Most people do a good job of summarizing the content, but for an annotation, we need to go a step further and evaluate and critique the article. If you need assistance trying to decide what to critique or what to evaluate, please see this link for some ideas: to an external site.

Here’s a brief overview of what you should be including in your annotation.

Contents of an annotated bibliography

An annotation may contain all or part of the following elements depending on the word limit and the content of the sources you are examining.

  • Provide the full bibliographic citation.
  • Indicate the background of the author(s).
  • Indicate the content or scope of the text.
  • Outline the main argument.
  • Indicate the intended audience.
  • Identify the research methods if applicable.
  • Identify any conclusions made by the author/s.
  • Discuss the reliability of the text.
  • Highlight any special features of the text that were unique or helpful e.g. charts, graphs etc.
  • Discuss the relevance or usefulness of the text for your research.
  • State the strengths and limitations of the text.
  • Present your view or reaction to the text.

*check out this link for more information:

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