instructions: reply to each peer in 1 paragraph peer 1: Nursing is based on evidence-based practice and if we can typically find research through scientific nursing journal articles online. Trying to

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instructions: reply to each peer in 1 paragraph peer 1:

Nursing is based on evidence-based practice and if we can typically find research through scientific nursing journal articles online. Trying to find quality sources on the internet that pertain to the subject you are interested in can be difficult. It is easy to find articles anywhere on google but are they solid sources? In this module, we are taught what all goes into a nursing research article, steps on how to critically appraise articles and determine credibility of the journal article.There are many factors that go into critiquing articles. Before articles get officially published, they are typically critiqued by peer-reviewers who go over the whole article and evaluate it for scientific merit and the stance related to nursing practice (Polit & Beck, 2020). Proper critiquing of an article requires questions under three circumstances which include adequate knowledge of the content in the article, weighing and critiquing the evidence shown, and its application to current nursing practice (Peacock et al., 2020). Critiquing articles is important to provide sources for researchers and make sure the research has a backbone and not just bias.When finding articles for nursing research, it is important to make sure the source is credible and reliable, not just any article about the subject on the internet. Scientific nursing research articles are meant to be honest and non-biased. Scientific merit is a termed used to assess the credibility of an article and are based on criteria if it is reliable and valid (Polit & Beck, 2020).Polit and Beck state “reliability refers to the accuracy and consistency of information obtained in the study” (2020). Validity is examined upon how much of this evidence is quality (Polit & Beck, 2020). Now a days, when using research for evidence-based practice, we want information that is new and updated. An article published in 1990 may have been true at the time for nursing practice but is it still reliable now? It is suggested to do study peer-reviewed research articles published within the past five years that is applicable to today’s nursing practice (Peacock et al., 2020). Learning how to properly research articles and being able to recognize if the source is valid is important when it comes to nursing research.

peer 2: Critically appraising and critiquing articles is important so that you know you are referencing not only accurate but applicable material. Critical appraisal is most often used in nursing practice as it focuses on the evaluation of evidence (Polit & Beck, 2021). When critiquing an article, it is important to remember that the main goal is to assess the validity and relevance (Polit & Beck, 2021).

Critiquing includes looking at the introduction, methods, results, and discussion of an article. It is important to note that when you are critiquing the methods section that you focus on the reliability of the information, meaning the information is accurate and consistent (Polit & Beck, 2021). Not only is it important to look at what is true in an article, but to question what may be influencing the results.

It is important to thoroughly read the study when determining if an article is applicable to your research by looking at limitations and potential biases to the studies. By going through articles with a critique form, it is easier to visualize these factors that may skew your application or may not be relevant in your particular case. Even if a study has these limitations, it does not mean that it must be excluded. However, you can become more aware and factor this information into your research.

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