Interactive Assignment 3

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Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, read Chapter 2 and 6 in Radvanovsky & McDougall (2013) and Chapter 9 in Sylves (2014). Review the Background Paper for assistance in writing this type of document.

For this assignment, you will take on the role of an expert homeland security consultant hired by the City of San Diego to assist the Utility Commission in determining how to protect the critical infrastructure sectors of the city and what changes and improvements may be necessary to prepare for risks, whether technological, natural, or intentional. In the business world, you would create a memorandum for this assignment. However, the Department of Homeland Security uses the cover page (similar to a memorandum) to very briefly summarize the attachment. The attachment (point paper, talking paper, background paper, or position paper) contains the necessary information. In keeping the assignment true to the career world, you will create the attachment instead of a memorandum. Formulate a one-page Background Paper addressed to the Mayor of the City of San Diego that addresses the following. You may wish to consult the provided example Background Paper and description as you craft your own paper.

  • Analyze the recognition of real and perceived threats and propose recommendations for the management of risk as necessary by the real and perceived threats identified.
  • Propose changes and improvements that may be necessary to prepare for risks, whether technological, natural, or intentional, to protect the city’s critical infrastructure sectors.

Create the Background Paper in a document format, attach it to your initial post, and submit to the forum.

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