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With so many individuals using the Internet today, the psychology of
the individual, the family, the community, and the society has
changed. Some might argue that the traditional psychological theories
cannot be applied and therefore psychology as an entire field needs to
be revamped to incorporate the impact and the application of internet
technology. As a student completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology,
your future career will undoubtedly incorporate the use of the Internet
in very new ways. Read the following article from the AUO Library:

Ritterband, L. M., Gonder-Frederick, L., Cox, D. J., Clifton, A. D., West,
R. W., & Borowitz, S. M. (2003). Internet interventions: In review,
in use, and into the future. Professional Psychology: Research and
Practice, 34(5), 527-534.

Identify a problem area or psychological issue that could
benefit from the use of an internet intervention. Now, using what you
learned from the article, propose an internet intervention using the
following guidelines:

  1. What problem area would the internet intervention address?
  2. Provide a general description of the proposed internet intervention.
  3. How would the effectiveness of the proposed intervention be tested?
  4. What are any legal and ethical issues related
    to the proposed intervention? Include the specific APA ethical
    standard(s) in your response.

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