Interview Assingment

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Please interview someone of a different background, Im Hispanic so it cannot be a Hispanic person and write on race and asocial class.


I: Interview

In this paper you are asked to interview someone of a different race and one other dimension of intersectionality: ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability and ability, class, immigration status, and religion. Ask the questions from the topic area that corresponds to your interviewee’s group. (These starter interview questions are provided with the writing tips handout. Additional questions should be added by the student and included in the paper. Provide a single-spaced verbatim of the interview.) Before you begin your interview, remember to inform your interviewee that their participation is completely voluntary, that they can refuse to answer any or all questions, and their identity will be kept confidential. Again, be sure to omit any identifying information from your paper. You should participate together in a social activity where your interviewee’s group is in the majority (dinner, club, movie, cultural event, etc.) before engaging in the interview. Describe the social event at the start of your paper.

II: Literature Review

Do a brief literature review on your interviewee’s member group (e.g., if you interviewed a lesbian woman, find articles on lesbian women. Review at least 5-7 sources of current, written within the past 5 years, scholarly literature.)

III. Findings

Compare and contrast your interviewee’s experience with what you found in the literature. Develop tentative conclusions regarding how social workers can best assist persons from your respondent’s group based on a critical analysis of the interview, class materials, and your own thinking/experience.

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