Introduction to International Relation/Art Appreciation Paper and discussion questions

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Intro to IR discussion question(100-150 words each)

1) Which of the IR theoretical schools do you find most compelling and why? Are you struggling to understand any component of these theories? If so, what parts? (due tonight, asap)

2)Is Black Panther the story of realism vs. liberalism? How could a constructivist story help us understand the film?
Or, should we focus on critical theory and decolonizing media?

Art Appreciation discussion question(50-100 words each)

1)Describe what you might find in an art work that would fall under the term: visual dynamics.

2)Compare/Contrast the earthworks of the drawing, Hummingbird on the Nazca Plains in Peru and the Earth Mounds similar to the Serpent Mound with Smithson’s Spiral Jetty and Jean Claude and Christo’s Running Fence. What’s similar? What’s Different? What stands out to you about these works?

3)What is the difference between Fine Art objects and the finely crafted art objects of jewelry and adornment objects like the Aztec Priest’s headdress? What do you think about the distinction that separates them into hierarchical levels?

4)Methods: Describe the difference between the reductive sculpture of Carpeaux’s Dance and Segal’s cast and assembled Depression Bread Line.

Intro to IR paper

Nuclear Weapon and IR Theory

  • Read a news article (not an academic article- a news article!) about Iran, North Korea, or the US (can be in combination with other countries) and their nuclear program.
  • Write (1 page double-spaced) about how realists, liberals, constructivists, and/or critical theorists (utilize at least three theoretical sub-schools) would respond to this contemporary news issue. ‘
  • Remember to cite properly!

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