Jacksonian America

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  1. How did Jackson redefine the Presidency under his two terms in office? To answer this question more fully, please watch the video, above. It is only 10-minutes long, but it is packed with information (and a nice break from Foner)..
  2. Next, please list and discuss the 3 most important points made in this video. In your discussion of these points, bring in examples from all that you have read this week on Jackson. Be specific and show us that you’ve done your reading.
  3. Do you agree with the video’s main points? Does the Foner text contradict the video? (For instance, surely Jefferson’s “Revolution” of 1800 shows us a president who did not wait for the Congress to set national policy and direction? Yes?) 
  4. Compare President Obama’s presidency to that of Jackson’s. Do we still see vestiges of Jackson’s influence? Has the trend toward a more powerful chief executive increased in recent years? In what way? Support your claims not with generalizations, but hard facts. 

also, use the chapters I will be sending you and cite from the book. Example: (Foner, 360)


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