Job Search Project you will compose three documents used during the employment process: a letter requesting a recommendation/reference, a cover letter for a résumé and that résumé. You should keep i

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Job Search Project you will compose three documents used during the employment process: a letter requesting a recommendation/reference, a cover letter for a résumé and that résumé. You should keep in mind our class discussions and quizzes on form, content and audience as you work to produce each section of this employment portfolio. +You will have two options for approaching this project:

Option 1: You may use this assignment as an opportunity to compose this portfolio for yourself, using your own education, work and life experiences, so that when you complete the assignment you could send out the material for a real job posting.

Option 2: If you would feel more comfortable not using your own situation and experiences for this project, or if you would like to put a creative spin on this assignment, you may compose these documents for a well-known fictional character or historical figure.

+Requirements for Both OptionsNo matter if you are taking option one, the employment documents written for your-self, or option two, the portfolio for a fictional character/historical figure, the final packet should be submitted as one file and must consist of a minimum of three pages, one each for the reference request, cover letter and résumé.

For the reference request, reread the Purdue Owl page “Application Request for a Refer-ence” and you might also reference this “Sample Reference Request Letter” page. (Please remember there is a difference between asking to use a person as a reference and asking for a letter of recommendation. Also remember that you cannot just tell a person you will use them as a reference unless they notify you otherwise. Such a presumption could have negative consequences when an employer calls for the reference. You are making an active request from them that can take time and thought on their part. They are under no obligation to notify you that you cannot use them as a reference.)

For the cover letter, reread the Purdue Owl multiple pages on cover letters, starting with “What is a Cover Letter.”

For the résumé, reread the Purdue Owl multiple pages on résumés, starting with “In-troduction.” Be sure to look over all the pages of sample résumés. Remember the differ-ent types of résumés allows individuals to highlight their best attributes for a specific position. For example, if applicants have the skills for the position but do not have long employment history in that field, they would likely want to use the skills résumés over a chronological résumés. You will also need to find a real employment position to use as a goal for your portfolio. This is your audience. The real job/position should be referenced in the cover letter. Use the Owl page “How do I Read Job Advertisements Carefully” for reference. You might also look to Occupational Outlook Handbook for employment opportunities.

Requirements for Option 1If you are composing this project with yourself as the focus, you must use your real education, work and life experiences. Nothing on any of your documents can be fictional or untrue. You must also must address your request for a reference/recommendation to a real person who you know through work or school. Along with these stipulations, you should find a real, specific job position for which you could legitimately apply. You should tailor your resume and cover letter for this particular employment position.

Requirements for Option 2If you are composing this project with a fictional character/historical figure as the focus, you need to use this character/figure’s known attributes, life details and experiences for the résumé and cover letter. The recommendation request should be addressed to someone who knew/knows that character/figure, as well; therefore, this person could be fictional or historical as well. Along with these stipulations, you should find a real, specific job position that this character/figure could apply for. For this option, you are welcome to apply for an employment position that the character/figure could do, but not necessarily be known for doing. For example, the character of Sherlock Holmes is of course known for his deductions and sizing up people to understand their personalities and abilities when solving mysteries. So to take those inductive and deductive abilities into another employment direction, you might create a résumés and cover letter for Sherlock Holmes applying for a career counseling position at a university. Use another character from Doyle’s Holmes stories to address for a reference request. Or write a resume and cover letter for well-known patron of the arts England’s Queen Victoria to apply for a curatorial position at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. (If you are picking option 2 with a historical figure in mind, keep it someone who has been dead for at least a 100 years. A Word of AdviceOccasionally for this project, a student submits the three documents and the Turnitin Originality Report finds a large percentage of plagiarism when the student had no intention of plagiarizing. .

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