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Answer the question in a few sentences 


1.  What are 4 different types of corporate legal structures?

Online Research: Visit a website of any governmental office or agency in any state in the United States that is responsible for the business registration and incorporation process, incl. new companies setting-up to do business in the state. Review any standard business form from this site for any type of official business filing.

3. Submit the link to the website you found and visited: _____________________

4. Name the form that you chose to review and provide link to that form: _____________________

5. Summarize in a few sentences (at least 3 sentences) or bullet points (at least 3 points) what corporate structure, ownership and data (information) is required to complete the form. 


1. What are the three (3) required elements for a valid contract?

2. What types of contracts have you entered into with a business on non-profit entity?

Online Research: Visit the following webpage found at the following link (click on underlined words) Food Truck Vendor Agreement  and review the agreement found there.

3. Submit the link to the website describing the festival event that a food truck would be participating as a vendor as party to this agreement: _____________________

4. What permits or licenses are required for the vendor?

5. What are all the required documentation and payment amount a vendor has to submit with the signed agreement?


1. What is the difference between a mandatory business regulation and a business’s operational policy (like hours of service, dress code for dining, etc.)?

2. List 4 different U.S. employment laws and summarize their purposes that every effective manager and business owner should be familiar and compliant to avoid costly audits and litigation.

Online Research: Visit a website of a state or local government agency within the U.S. that is responsible for the enforcement of anti-discrimination regulations covering private businesses. Identify the protected categories of people under this law. 

3. Submit the link to the website you found and visited: _____________________

4. Provide all of the following information: (1) the government agency’s full name and acronym; (b) locality (national, state, city or county); (c) the law’s definition of “covered businesses” for the anti-discrimination law to apply; and (d) what are the protected categories or classes under the law(s) which the agency enforces; and (e) how does this law define “discrimination”?


1. Review the slides about the federal menu labeling law that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued requiring chain restaurants and vending machines to post calorie counts of all food sold; calorie counts must be shown on menus and/or menu boards/signs.  Consider whether you think the government should be regulating the calorie counts of food in this manner, and to what purpose. Or is this being a “Nanny State” (meaning the government is acting like a nanny or caretaker of the people who are not or cannot be acting responsibly for themselves; conveys a view that a government or its policies are overprotective or interfering unduly with personal choice)?  Do you think it would be okay if the government banned high calorie foods from being served to the public at all?

2. Consider the bar owner/operator’s dilemma between selling a lot of alcoholic beverages to make revenue goals and a profit versus avoiding liability by not over-serving customers. Do you think that it is okay for bars and restaurants to encourage alcohol purchases by offering “happy hours,” “shot servers,” and other promotions and “specials” or by setting minimum sales orders (for example, to sit at a table you must order 2 drinks)? Is there extraordinary liability in these situations?

Online Research: Conduct research to find an underground dining group, or a pop-up restaurant, in any metropolitan city within the United States. Review the licensing requirements and health code regulations which apply to this type of operation in that location. Also research further to find out who owns and operates the underground foodservice or pop-up entity.

3. Submit the link to the foodservice entity that you found to review: _____________________

4.  What are the permits, licenses, insurance and associated fees required to operate the foodservice entity?

5. Are the kitchen manager, food servers and bartenders required to be certified in state or locally  mandatory training and certification in safety, hygiene, food handling and/or alcohol service?

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